Psychological Literacy, Well-Being and Life Satisfaction in the New Issue of the “Psychological Science and Education” Journal


The first issue of the “Psychological Science and Education” journal for 2024 has been published. Within the rubric "Developmental Psychology" section, researchers have considered the following issues – perception of image detailing in children; psychological well-being of teachers; the relationship between the level of education and life satisfaction at the retirement age; the involvement of the Russian society in educational projects.

The "Psychology of Education" section presents the results of the study of educational modelling in high school. The authors emphasize that educational modelling helps to stimulate the students’ initiative and autonomy, as well as to develop their analytical skills and understanding of subject relationships. In addition, this section presents the results of a study of the role of educational and motivational factors in the academic success of Russian adolescents in reading literacy.

The issue concludes with a transcript of the speeches of the participants of the Round table "Functional psychological literacy of parents and teachers as a condition for building effective communication with a child". The speeches discussed modern ideas of psychological literacy, approaches and research in the formation of psychological literacy in the "teacher-pupil" and "parent-child" relationships. The formation of functional psychological literacy of teachers in communication with pupils and knowledge, skills and abilities of parents in interaction with a child were also considered. Attention was paid to risk factors in the development of functional psychological literacy in communication and interaction with the child for parents and teachers in the family and school.

The issue of the journal is published on the portal of psychological publications
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