Moscow goes inclusive


Moscow lawmakers have supported the legislative draft on inclusive education and soon it is going to implemented into practice. According to the Education Department there are about 50 thousand children with disabilities in Moscow, with 19 thousands attending some kind of educational institutions.

Growing number of disabled children and their families dream about "normal" school, but so far they have had no legal support for their wish. So such attempts have often led to dropout and traumatic experiences. The new law provides parents with the opportunity to choose between general school, home schooling and residential facility.

There will have been over 100 inclusive general schools in Moscow by 2010 - 2011 (now there are only 54). New workplaces are created: teacher's assistants, surdologists, supporters. If home schooling is the choice, the family will be provided with a computer and the Internet. Actually, the legal approval of home schooling will be the first step as it does not require any expences. 

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