Alla Borisovna Kholmogorova

Editor-in-chief, member of editorial board of “Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy” journal

Member of editorial board of “Cultural-Historical Psychology” journal

Member of editorial board of “Experimental Psychology (Russia)” journal

Member of editorial board of “Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles Doctor of Psychology, Professor
Occupation and current place of work dean of the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology; Leading Researcher, Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry (A Branch of the National Medical Research Centre for Psychiatry and Narcology), Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
E-mail address kholmogorova-2007@yandex.ru
Scopus ID 30267735400
Website or personal webpage http://pk.mgppu.ru/about-faculty/prepodavateli/23-kafedra-klinicheskoj-psikhologii-i-psikhoterapii/151-kholmogorova-alla-borisovna
Main scientific publications

Professional and Scientific Achievements

Alla B. Kholmogorova carried out her PhD titled “Theoretic and empiric foundations of integrative psychotherapy of affective spectrum disorders” in 2006. She is a certified cognitive psychotherapist (Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Academy of Cognitive Therapy, USA). She also received training in Germany (University clinic of Freiburg, 1996; University clinic of Essen, 1999).

Alla Kholmogorova developed multifactor psycho-social model of affective spectrum disorders (co-authored with Natalia G. Garanyan), integrative program of psychotherapy of depressive, anxiety and somatoform disorders, and four-aspect model of family system. She also developed the first Russian training program for the development of cognitive and social skills in schizophrenia patients.

Alla Kholmogorova has supervised 18 PhDs. Her publication count exceeds 200, including 7 monographs.


Grants and international projects:

1996-1998 – Co-Principal Investigator, International project “Emotions and mental health in social and familial context” (in collaboration with Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany; University of Zurich, Switzerland; University of Liege, Belgium)

1998-2002 – International project “Recognition and treatment of depression in primary care” (in collaboration with National Institute for Mental Health, USA)

2002-2003 – Co-Investigator, International project “Family in Stress” (in collaboration with University of Fribourg, Switzerland; University of Palermo, Italy; University of Munich, Germany)

2007-2009 – Principal Investigator, “Psychological factors and methods of assessment of emotional maladjustment among elementary school and university students”, Russian Foundation for Humanities (grant № 08-06-00767а)

2007-2009 – Principal Investigator, “Methodology of psychotherapy's efficacy and process research”, Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research (grant № 08-06-00331)

2014-2016 – Principal Investigator, “Social cognition in health and pathology: models and methods of study, assessment, development and correction”, Russian Science Foundation (grant №14-18-03461)

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