Olga Petrovna Gavrilushkina

Member of editorial board of “Psychological Science and Education” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles PhD in Education,
Occupation and current place of work Professor of the Department of Preschool Psychology and Pedagogy of the Faculty " Psychology of Education", Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University
E-mail address olpega@mail.ru
Main scientific publications
  1. The education and training of mentally retarded preschoolers: Book for teacher // O. P. Gavrilushkin, N. D. Sokolov. - 1985.
  2. Correctional education as the Foundation of personal development abnormal preschoolers / L. P. Noskova, O. P. Gavrilushkin, L. A. Golovchin, N. D. Sokolov. - Institute of defectology of the USSR Academy of medical Sciences, 1986.
  3. Construction training in preschool institutions for mentally retarded children. - M.: Enlightenment, 1991, 95C.
  4. The role of the graphic sign in the correction of cognitive activity of preschoolers, lagging behind in development / / "Modern problems of study, training and education of children with developmental disabilities". - Saransk, 1998. - pp. 22-27.
  5. Development of sign-symbolic activity in preschoolers with reduced intelligence in the learning process / / Scientific works of ipsu. Series "Psychological and pedagogical Sciences". - Moscow: Prometheus, 1999.
  6. Psychological aspects of special education and new correctional programs and technologies / / Psychological science and education. 2001.  No. 1. (et al. with L. A. Golovchits, M. A. Egorova).
  7. The program of upbringing and education of preschool children with intellectual disabilities // Baraeva L. B., O. P. Gavrilushkin, A. P. Sarin, N. D. Sokolov. - SPb.: Soyuz, 2003. - (Series: Correctional pedagogy).
  8. Work on the development of communicative behavior of preschoolers in kindergarten / / Child in kindergarten. 2003.  No. 2.
  9. Game-lessons from natural and man-made material // L. B. Baraeva. - St. Petersburg: Soyuz, 2005.
  10. Socialization and development of symbolic activity in preschool children, lagging behind in development / / Collection of reports of the inter-Republican scientific and practical conference "Early socialization of preschool children with peculiarities of psychophysical development". — Minsk. pp. 24 -32.
  11. The use of symbolic means is carried out by schoolchildren with intellectual disabilities. Psychocorrectional aspect. - Cultural and historical psychology (№1/2006)
  12. Play activities of preschoolers with intellectual disorders. - Psychological science and education (No. 5/2007)

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