Tatiana Mikhailovna Mariutina

Member of editorial council of “Psychological Science and Education” journal

Member of editorial board of “Psychological-Educational Studies” journal

Member of editorial board of “Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles Doctor of Psychology, Professor
Occupation and current place of work Professor, Head. Departments, Department of Differential Psychology and Psychophysiology, Russian State Humanitarian University
E-mail address pno@mgppu.ru
Scopus ID 6602850401
Main scientific publications

Psychogenetics. Textbook. Moscow: Aspect Press, 2000. — 447 p. (co-authored With I. V. Ravich-Shcherbo, A. L. Grigorenko). Natural science aspects of psychology: a Concise terminological dictionary. Moscow-Voronezh., IPSI, 2002 (co-authored with O. Y. Ermolaev).

Developmental psychology. Moscow, 2001. (co-authored with T. D. Marcinkowski, etc.).

Introduction to psychophysiology. Textbook. Moscow, 2001. (co-authored with O. Y. Ermolaev).

Cooper K. Individual differences. M., 2000. (translation)

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