Alex Kozulin

Member of editorial council of “Cultural-Historical Psychology” journal

Member of editorial council of “Clinical Psychology and Special Education” journal

Country, City Israel, Jerusalem
Academic degrees and titles PhD, professor
Occupation and current place of work Professor, Head of M.Ed. program in Special Education, Achva College; Director of International Research and Training, Feuerstein Institute, Jerusalem
E-mail address alexk@icelp.org.il
Scopus ID 24369632300
Main scientific publications

Kozulin, A. Psychology in Utopia: Toward a Social History of Soviet Psychology.Cambridge, MA: MIT-Press,1984.

Kozulin, A. Vygotsky's Psychology: A Biography of Ideas. Harvard University Press, 1990 (Spanish translation: La psicologia de Vygotski. Madrid: Alianza

Editorial, 1994).

Kozulin, A. Psychological Tools: A Sociocultural Approach to Education. Cambridge,MA: Harvard University Press, 1998.(Spanish translation: Instrumentos Psicologicos. Barcelona: Paidos Iberica, 2000; Chinese Translation by East China Normal University Press, Shanghai, 2007).

Kinard, J. and Kozulin, A. Rigorous Mathematical Thinking: Conceptual formation in mathematics classroom. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Kozulin, A., Gindis, B., Ageyev, V. & Miller, S. (Eds.). Vygotsky’s Educational theory in Cultural Context. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003 (French translation: Vygotski et l’education. Paris: Editions Retz, 2009).

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