Psychology of Children's Imitation (Experimental Psychological Research Conducted in 1929)



This is the second part of an early work by L.I. Bozhovich and L.S. Slavina. Imitation is considered within the context of higher mental functions development. The paper presents the results of the empirical research on imitation development in children of different ages. The research was carried out using a special technique (applied in pairs) for studying children's ability to imitate mediation. The authors substantiate that there are three stages in the development of imitation in children, and the second, "naive psychological stage" is described in this part of the publication.

General Information

Keywords: imitation, higher mental functions, stages of cultural development, naive and magic stages

Journal rubric: History of Science

Article type: scientific article


For citation: Bozhovich L.I., Slavina L.S. Psychology of Children's Imitation (Experimental Psychological Research Conducted in 1929). Kul'turno-istoricheskaya psikhologiya = Cultural-Historical Psychology, 2007. Vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 113–120. DOI: 10.17759/chp.2007030413. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)

Information About the Authors

Lidia I. Bozhovich, Doctor of Psychology, Soviet psychologist, professor, student of Lev Vygotsky, Moscow, USSR

Liya S. Slavina, PhD in Psychology, Employee of the Laboratory of Psychology of Education, Research Institute of General and Pedagogical Psychology, Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Moscow, Russia



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