The Problem of Reflection in the Definition of Self



The article discusses the problem of reflection in the definition of personality in the context of the works of G.V.F. Hegel, I.G. Fichte, and F. T. Mikhailov. The identity of the origins of science and the origins of personality is revealed through the study of human activity. A historical excursion is conducted with an analysis of the discussion between L.S. Vygotsky and J. Piaget presented in the book «Thinking and Speech». It is shown that it was necessary for F.T. Mikhailov to refer to the Paleolithic era in his study of the essential human ability to perform appropriate self-regulated actions. The article reveals the connection between productive imagination and self-reflection. A critique of the reflection of everyday consciousness is given. The article shows the significance of Kant's third Antinomy of pure reason, which a person always faces when approaching the solution of his own Self. The article also explores the rationale for the development of human creative abilities. It outlines the role of E.V. Ilyenkov’s philosophical concept of the ideal in understanding the nature of the human Self. The points of coincidence of ontogeny and phylogeny in the formation of personality are defined. The article concludes that the social nature of the individual depends on the reflective attitude in the process of object-transformative activity. The issue of subjective understanding of reality through practice is considered.

General Information

Keywords: subjectivity, ideal, being, nothing, reflection, Self, F.T. Mikhailov, productive imagination, self-reflection

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Acknowledgements. The author thanks G.V. Lobastov, President of the Russian Philosophical Society “Dialectics and Culture”, for his help in discussing the problems of the article.

For citation: Sukhanov V.N. The Problem of Reflection in the Definition of Self. Kul'turno-istoricheskaya psikhologiya = Cultural-Historical Psychology, 2021. Vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 42–49. DOI: 10.17759/chp.2021170107. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)


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Information About the Authors

Valery N. Sukhanov, PhD in Engineering, Leading Engineer, Scientific and Educational Center «Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology», National Research University «Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology», Moscow, Russia, ORCID:, e-mail:



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