Cultural-Historical Psychology

[Kul'turno-istoricheskaya psikhologiya]
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Review process

Every submitted paper that complies with our general requirements undergoes the procedure of double-blind peer review. This means that the identity of the author is not known to the reviewers, and vice versa. Peer review helps to improve the quality of the published materials as it determines the significance and originality of the submitted papers.

Each paper is assigned a unique registry number, ensuring anonymity for the author.

The paper is then sent to independent reviewers – subject specialists from Russia or abroad who research or practise in the same (or similar) field as the author. Please note that neither co-authors, nor co-workers can be reviewers.

The reviewers are informed that all materials are intellectual property of their authors and must be considered confidential.

The review process may take up to 3 months from the date of the paper’s registry (the date of unique number assignment).

The outcomes of the review process are discussed by the members of the Editorial Board before the final decision is made. Basing on their recommendations as well as on the judgments made by the reviewers the editor may then accept or reject the paper, or advise its revision, or suggest it be redirected to another journal.

The editor subsequently notifies the author of the final decision.