Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy

[Konsul'tativnaya psikhologiya i psikhoterapiya]
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Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy is a peer-reviewed journal published by Moscow State University of Psychology and Education ( Founded in 1992 under the name of Moscow Psychotherapeutic Journal, it has become the first Russian scientific periodical edition to focus on the theory and practice of psychological counseling and psychotherapy. Since 2009 (when it has been renamed “Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy”), the circle of authors and readers has significantly expanded due to the widening arrange of topics and the coverage of problems arising in modern psychological, psychotherapeutic and medical practice.

In 2012 the journal became a laureate of the 14th National Psychological Contest “Golden Psyche” (Russia, Saint Petersburg) in the category “Contribution to the development of the Russian unified professional psychological society”.

In the present day, the journal is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation for publishing Ph.D. research results. It is published quarterly; full-text articles are freely available at

The journal publishes original research papers, review articles, case studies, essays, and commentaries. The topics covered are as diverse as the phenomenology of mental states and disorders, psychological and social risk factors, theoretical and practical models of prevention and treatment, lectures on the history and methods of psychotherapy. Special issues of “Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy” published in the recent years focus on the most critical problems of mental health (self-destructive behavior, clinical psychology of modern childhood, social cognition disorders), and psychosomatic medicine (psycho-oncology).

The journal aims:

-          To cover the most important events and new trends and discoveries in the field of counseling psychology and psychotherapy;

-          To provide a platform for thorough discussions the most controversial and actual topics and issues, to pick out the most conclusive studies in the field of counseling psychology and psychotherapy;

-          To develop theoretical and methodological foundations for counseling psychology and psychotherapy;

-          To support the integrative tendencies in modern counseling psychology and psychotherapy and organize creative communication between psychotherapy and psychology, and also between various psychotherapy schools;

-          To take part in forming the cultural norms of counseling psychology (ethical, juridical, language and other rules of professional conduct and communication);

-          To involve creative young scientists in studying the fundamental and applied issues in the field of counseling psychology and psychotherapy;

-          To organize the dialogue with the professionals from related fields of knowledge;

-          To facilitate the development of scientific foundations of counseling psychology and psychotherapy, to spread and implement scientifically grounded methods of psychological aid.

Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy strives to unite the efforts of Russian mental health professionals and to provide a discussion and educational platform focused on research, methodology and philosophical basis of modern psychotherapy and psychological counseling.

All papers published in the journal are fully peer-reviewed by the double-blind review.

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