Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy

[Konsul'tativnaya psikhologiya i psikhoterapiya]
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Author Guide


Counseling psychology and psychotherapy” seeks contributions dealing with theoretical, methodological, empirical and practice-oriented issues in the field of counseling, clinical psychology and psychotherapy.

The following types of scientific papers can be contributed:

  • Literature reviews in the field of clinical psychology
  • Theoretical and methodological papers
  • Papers presenting the results of empirical studies
  • Case studies
  • Papers presenting new diagnostic and research methods

The journal publishes original and finished works. Manuscript selection criteria: compliance with the field of the journal, actuality, novelty, academic literacy, use of modern data analysis methodology, and compliance with publication standards.

The journal publishes original and finished works.

Submission requirements:

1. The manuscripts are delivered to the editor by e-mail ( or by post mail on electronic media.

2. The number of symbols in the manuscript should be up to 50,000.

3. Text format: Times New Roman, 14, spacing 1,5. References to the other works are made up as an order number in square brackets.

4. The manuscript should also contain the following information:

  • Abstract (up to 1000 symbols)
  • Keywords
  • References list made up according to the Chicago Manual of Style

5. Author’s personal information:

  • Full name
  • Country, city
  • Scientific degree and academic title
  • Place of work, position
  • Birth date
  • Scientific interests
  • Contact information (phone number, e-mail, web-page)
  • Photo (100х100, 300 dpi).

In case there are several authors, please, provide the information about all of them.

6. Pictures, tables and diagrams should be provided in separate files. The pictures should be made in vector graphics in *.eps or *.tif formats.


Editorial board regulations:

  1. Publication does not require any fees from the authors.
  2. All the manuscripts are peer-reviewed by double-blind review.
  3. Decision on publication is made by the editorial board basing on the reviewers recommendations.
  4. Reviewers are appointed by the editorial board.
  5. In case a reviewer does not recommend an article for publication, the author receives refusal with explanations of the reasons.
  6. The feedback (both positive and negative) is based on the reviewers’ opinions but the texts of the reviews are not quoted verbatim in correspondence with the authors.
  7. In case the manuscripts do not meet formal requirements they are sent back for finalization.

The editorial board contacts the authors only in case of accepting they manuscripts for publishing. Editorial reviews of the manuscripts are purposed for internal usage only. In case of publication refusal the editorial board does not carry out any theoretical discussions.