Experimental Psychology (Russia)

[Eksperimental'naâ psihologiâ]
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Author Guide


Our journal is focused on the publication of the results of experimental research, works on the theory and methodology of psychological experiments, information about programmatical algorithms and operational hardware, and about important events in experimental psychology.

An article, describing the results of an experimental research, as a rule, must contain: the description of the main goal of the study, hypothesis, method, experiment design, apparatus used, stimuli material, participants, dependent and independent variables, instructions, procedures, obtained data and the method of its processing, results and their discussion, and conclusions.

Short articles with the descriptions of preliminary results, apparatus for experimental research, scientific events and etc., may exclude one or a few of the above positions.

A manuscript must have an abstract (summary) up to 1000-1200 characters, and key words, as well as list of references.

References within the text must be presented in form of (Author, year of publication). References to foreign sources in the text and bibliography should be provided in the original language, though accurate transliteration is acceptable.

The length of an original article should be up to 30 000 characters, the length of a short report – up to 15 000 characters.

Please provide manuscripts in the following form: page format – A4, all margins – 2.5 cm, font – Times New Roman, 12 point type; paragraph indent – 2.5 cm, line spacing – 1.5. The title is composed with capital letters. One line space should be included after the title, annotation, the main text and bibliography (references).

An author should submit a printed copy of the manuscript to the editorial board (by mail to the editorial address, to the secretary or to one of the editorial board members), and send an electronic version on e-mail address: exp@mgppu.ru

Illustrations, figures, tables and diagrams should be submitted in separate files, in .jpg, .tif, .xls formats, on optical media or sent by e-mail.

It is best to avoid printing titles on illustrations or diagrams: provide numeric designations in figure capture.

After a manuscript is reviewed and accepted for publication, the publisher reserves all publication rights to the article. In other words, once the publishers accept an author’s manuscript for publication, the author cannot submit it for publication anywhere else, without our expressed permission. It is the author’s responsibility to cite properly the ideas and data of other researchers.

The author must also submit, in a separate file, her or his personal information: last name, given name, middle name or patronymic, academic degree, place of work, position held, e-mail address and contact phone number.

Articles may be submitted to: 123390, Russia, Moscow, Shelepihinskaya nab., 2A, building G. and by Email exp@mgppu.ru

The editorial board contacts the authors only in case of accepting they manuscripts for publishing. Editorial reviews of the manuscripts are purposed for internal usage only. In case of publication refusal the editorial board does not carry out any theoretical discussions.