Experimental Psychology (Russia)

[Eksperimental'naâ psihologiâ]
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Experimental Psychology (Russia) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Moscow State University of Psychology and Education at the base of University Center for Experimental Psychology. The journal publishes original high-quality papers that contribute to the development of experimental method in Psychology in Russia and worldwide, analysis of trends in experimental research in General, Differential and Applied Psychology, Psychophysiology and Psychophysics.

Experimental Psychology (Russia) serves to consolidation of researchers who use and develop experimental methods. It provides space for discussing new advances in technological and mathematical methods of research in Russia and abroad. 

Experimental Psychology (Russia) is aimed to maintain high standards of scientific empirical research in Psychology. All papers published in the journal are fully peer-reviewed by double-blind review.

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V.A. Barabanschikov
Editor in chief