Social Psychology and Society

[Sotsial'naya psikhologiya i obshchestvo]
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The editorial board of the journal “Social Psychology and Society” sees its mission in presentation of the current state of development of social psychology and promoting the necessity of it. The scientific and practical value of this journal is in fostering maximal integration of Russian sociopsycholgogical research into the global process of development of this discipline, enriching the dialog between various methodological and theoretical approaches, as well as in searching for applications of the findings of sociopsychological studies.

The aim of the journal is to introduce Russian social psychologists and specialists in related disciplines to the global scientific community. The scope of the journal covers not only the current research into the classical problems of social psychology, but also theoretico-methodological and experimental studies in the modern branches of social psychology, including: changes in the social structure of society and psychology of the new social strata, transition to the market economy and interrelations between collectivism and individualism, democratisation of social life and influence of the established stereotypes on masses, rise of the number of intergroup conflicts and perception of social justice, the educational reform and the stimulation of motivation for education and others.