Face Science: Special Issue of the Experimental Psychology (Russia) in 2019


Human face as a scientific problem is becoming increasingly popular. The organization of face, its properties, functions, connection with emotional states and personality characteristics, methods for assessing and correcting appearance, psychological and psychophysiological mechanisms of face perception, its role in communication processes and activities, become the subject of thorough studies. The growing interest in these topics is supported by all spheres of human activity, which, one way or another, include direct (“face to face") social contact: from forensic science and art to public policy and psychotherapy. An important source of knowledge and practice is emerging, the Face Science.

In Russia, the research into the problems of face is “scattered” over the diverse subject areas, from anthropology and physiology to psychology and history of arts. However, the phenomenology of human face requires a more comprehensive look beyond the specific boundaries of scientific disciplines. The special issue of the Experimental Psychology (Russia), No. 3, 2019, is intended, at least in part, to play this role within the framework of the national science.

Website: https://psyjournals.ru/en/exp/

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