Learning Underachievement and ways to overcome it: The new issue of the journal modern Foreign Psychology


Scientific journal "Modern Foreign Psychology” is preparing a new thematic issue, dedicated to the review of researches, on the one hand, analyzing the causes of academic failure of schoolchildren and the ways to overcome it, and, on the other hand, representing the evidence-based approaches to the solution of practice-related tasks in the field of psychological diagnostics.

Prevention of school underachievement, the influence of anxiety on the assimilation of mathematical disciplines, specificity of teacher-student relationships, link between learning difficulties of schoolchildren with their poor psychological resilience and many other topics will be presented to readers in the new issue.

Thematic issue Editor is Viktor Guruzhapov, the doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor, head of the Department of educational psychology at the Faculty of psychology of education.

Site of the journal "Modern Foreign Psychology”: https://psyjournals.ru/jmfp/
Source: Psychological publications Portal PsyJournals.ru

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