Journal Modern Foreign Psychology Call for papers 2020


The journal Modern Foreign Psychology invites publication in thematic issues planned for 2020:

–       Neurobiology of cognitive processes. It is devoted to various aspects of cognitive psychology, functional neuroimaging, electrophysiology and behavioral genetics.

Manuscript submission: until 04/30/2020.

–       Generation Z: The problems of a modern teenager. The psychological characteristics of "digital children" and their value systems will be addressed.

Manuscript submission: until 06/31/2020.

Home education as an educational strategy: new trends. Issues related to distance education and family education are being raised.

Manuscript submission: until 10/31/2020.

Articles containing systematic data on issues relevant to the stated topics, comparison of national and foreign experience, level and developmental trends with reasoned critical assessment, conclusions and recommendations are accepted.

The journal "Modern Foreign Psychology" is a scientific periodical specializing in publication of analytical reviews of scientific studies in various branches of psychology and related sciences.

It is included in DOAJ and RISC.

In the Ranking of Science Index RISC on "Psychology" it took in 2013 the 18th place (0.271),  in  2014 the  17th place (0.461), in 2015 the 6th place (1,062), in 2016 the 13th place (1,064), in 2017 the  4th place (1,972) and in  2018  the 6th place (2,231).

Since 30.11.2017 it is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications, which should publish the main scientific results of the thesis on the degree of a candidate of sciences and a doctor of sciences.

The list of specialties approved by the HAC for this magazine:

19.00.01 - General psychology, personality psychology, history of psychology (psychological sciences).

19.00.04 - Medical psychology (psychological sciences).

19.00.05 - Social psychology (psychological sciences).

19.00.07 - Educational psychology (psychological sciences).

19.00.13 - Developmental psychology, acmeology (psychological sciences.

The editor-in-chief is Tatiana Yermolova, candidate of psychological sciences, head of the department of Foreign and Russian Philology of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE).

Your manuscripts should be sent to:

You can check out the log numbers already released and the rules of applying for publication on the Portal of Psychological Editions of the

ISSN (online): 2304-4977


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