Cultural-Historical Psychology Journal Research Design Review (eng)


International scientific journal “Cultural-Historical Psychology” together with the ISCAR Summer Seminar for PhD students & young scholars opens the opportunity for young scholars of cultural-historical scientific school to get the research design review.

Now you can submit for the journal not only results of conducted study but also the abstract of future research design.

The initiative is aimed at scholars interested in scientific reflection of their research idea, the ways of its` implementation, the relevance and scientific perspective of the research, as well as the discussion of the issues of constructing the research design.

The research design will be reviewed by the leading worlds` experts in the field of cultural-historical psychology. The review is based on the assessment of how the research design conforms to general principles of cultural-historical theory and activity approach.

Together with receiving the review, researchers are welcome to participate in the ISCAR Summer Seminar for PhD students & young scholars  to be held on July 6 - 8, 2020 (MSUPE, Moscow, Russia).

The general topic for the ISCAR Summer Seminar for PhD students & young scholars is “Cultural-historical psychology today: research challenges & practical perspectives”.


ISCAR Summer Seminar for PhD students & young scholars, July 6-8, 2020 (MSUPE, Moscow, Russia) –

Cultural-Historical Psychology (CHP) Journal -

Since 2006, the journal received the official status of an affiliated journal of the International Society for Cultural-historical & Activity Research (ISCAR).

How to submit your research design?

You can send the discription of your work to the editorial board of the CHP Journal. In title of your letter, please, specify – Research Design Review.


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