Academic motivation and effects of digital educational environment - in "Psychological Science and Education" #2 2020


The second 2020 issue of the journal Psychological Science and Education is available at The issue presents materials on the development of a tool for measuring the ability to design activity in the process of group work. This new game-based technique was developed on the basis of Vygotsky-Sakharov method and techniques by V. Rubtsov and Yu. Gromyko. You can listen to Yu.V. Gromyko's story about the new 'Perimeter' tool in our podcast, PsyJournals Live, episode #134

The issue also focuses on some topics concerning research in higher education, such as: the relationship of basic psychological needs, academic motivation and alienation from study; the development of professionally significant personality traits in graduate students of psychology programmes; and outcomes of a comparative empirical study that involved students who took e-courses in 'Mathematical Methods in Psychology' realized through the 'flipped classroom' instructional model.

In the 'Developmental Psychology' section you will see findings of a research on parental assessment of safe behaviour in children of primary school, adolescent and young age with and without mental health issues.

All articles from the second issue of the Psychological Science and Education journal are open access and can be found on the journal's website.

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