Information security and risks of the digital society: “Psychology and law” invites authors to participate in the preparation of a special issue


“Psychology and law” invites you to participate in the preparation of a special issue (№ 4-2021) dedicated to the problems of legal psychology in the context of information security and risks of the digital society.

Modern trends associated with the active transition to the widespread use of Internet technologies, the digitalization of modern society, and the increasing influence of virtual reality on human life sharply raise the need to discuss issues and problems related to digital risks and information security. In this issue, it is planned to raise such topical issues as the transformation of traditional forms of socialization of children and adolescents under the influence of the digital society and the associated risks, analysis of deviant behaviors implemented in the digital space and methods of their prevention, negative consequences and prevention of cyberbullying, psychological aspects of crime prevention and countering the commission of crimes in cyberspace, etc.

The editorial Board invites specialists to submit articles

Articles in Russian or English are accepted, which are designed in accordance with the rules for manuscripts  submission:

Articles are accepted until June 01, 2021.

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