On the Development of Social Competences of Young Schoolchildren in the Journal "Psychological Science and Education"


In the first issue of the Journal ꞌꞌPsychological Science and Educationꞌꞌ (No.1-2022) of 2022, two traditional parts are presented – ꞌꞌPsychology of Educationꞌꞌ and ꞌꞌPsychology of Developmentꞌꞌ.                                                                                                                                 In the first part the reader is introduced to two methodologies: the first one – ꞌꞌPuzzleꞌꞌ –allows to study the correlation of social competences development of young schoolchildren; the second one – the methodology on mastering the subjective and methodological competences to identify professional deficits of teachers. The reader can also learn about the modern theories of mechanisms which lay in the basis of dyscalculia; about the facts defining the effectiveness of mastering the symbolic models in a situation of problem-solving; become aware of the results of empirical studies on the value and sense basis of pedagogical activity on behalf of teachers and students of pedagogical classes, and with the results of the project ꞌꞌAdolescentsꞌ theatre as an educational technology of upbringing and mastering the personal educational resultsꞌꞌ. In the part Psychology of Development, the reader can learn about the diagnostic criteria which help decide on how a child interprets the form of activity offered by an adult in the situation of an intellectual problem and offered help; become aware of the results of empirical verification of theoretical model of subjective prerequisites of psychological well-being of gifted children; study the materials of the reflexive aspect of the perception of each other by the subjects of the conflict; read about the results of the study related to studentsꞌ mindset and subjective well-being during the period of ꞌꞌEmerging Adulthoodꞌꞌ and the relationship between the studentsꞌ attitude toward distance learning, alienation from studying and emotional burnout.

Full issue of the Journal, including the thematic appendix, is available on the portal of psychological studies PsyJournals.ru.

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