On the Learning Motivation in the Journal "Psychological-Educational Studies"


In the first issue of the journal “Psychological-Educational Studies” released in 2022 (No. 1 – 2022) two traditional parts are available for your attention – “Psychology of Education” and “Psychology of Development”.

In the first part, the reader can get acquainted with the results of the studies on the learning motivation on different age samples starting from young schoolchildren of the 4th grade and ending with the 1st year students; learn about the forms, methods, instruments, potential and risks of having the exam in the distant format; get information about the software for correction work when educating the children with hearing impairments.

In the part “Psychology of Development” the reader is introduced with the peculiarities of differential evaluation of development of intellectual abilities in the junior school age with the help of “Standard Raven’s Matrixes” test; learn about the impact of random visits to botanic garden on the development of young schoolchildren living in the arctic regions; get informed about the instrument of identifying the specifics of creativity in young adolescents, and the results of the study on the relation between the playing activity with the level of computer activity in schoolchildren.

Full issue of the journal is available at PsyJournals.ru.

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