On the Cognitive Predictors of Academic Success in the New Issue of the Journal "Psychological Science and Education"


In the second issue of the Journal ꞌꞌPsychological Science and Educationꞌꞌ (No.2-2022) of 2022, two traditional parts are presented – ꞌꞌPsychology of Developmentꞌꞌ and ꞌꞌPsychology of Educationꞌꞌ.  

The “Psychology of Development” section is opened with an article describing a study on the relationship between involvement in the use of information and communication technologies and basic and individual values among the young and older generation. Based on the results of the study, it can be assumed that the value structure of the youn generation of Russians will increasingly adapt to the digitalization processes accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The readers are also welcome to get acquainted with the adaptation of the Russian version of the LSITA-SF instrument, which can be recommended as a scale for screening and monitoring life satisfaction in the "third age".

In the “Psychology of Education” section, one can learn about the results of an empirical study of the phenomenon of professional ideas among students and a formative experiment, the purpose of which is to identify the influence of negative emotional experiences on the development of professional ideas among students; get acquainted with an extensive literature review of modern works devoted to research on cognitive predictors of academic success, such as psychometric intelligence and creativity; trace the features of the development of the goals of educational activity of students of the Pedagogical University and their relationship with the motivation and success of vocational training; learn about the differences in the manifestation and determination of the educational and developmental activity of students in ordinary life and in conditions of forced social isolation.

The issue presents the results of the development and validation of a new methodology aimed at measuring and diagnosing the academic adaptation of students. We hope that any reader will be able to find interesting material for himself in the second issue of the journal “Psychological Science and Education” in 2022.

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