On the Emotional Intelligence of Counseling Psychologists and the Value


The third issue of the journal "Psychological-Educational Studies" (No. 3-2022) has been released. The issue includes three rubrics "Educational Psychology", "Developmental Psychology" and "Methodology and Technology of Education".

In the rubric "Educational Psychology", the reader can get an idea of ​​​​how the directions of scientific research on the motivation of learning foreign languages ​​among university students have changed in connection with the pandemic; get acquainted with the specifics of emotional intelligence of novice counseling psychologists, learn about the results of the study on the ideas of university teachers about higher education.

The rubric "Developmental Psychology" presents the results of the study of the specifics of cognitive development and learning motivation of intellectually gifted and normotypical fifth-graders.

The issue ends with the rubric "Methodology and Technology of Education". It analyzes the professional training programs for tutors of inclusive education, and proposes a model for the formation of value-semantic orientations of children in educational institutions.

The full issue of the journal is available for free on the portal of psychological publications PsyJournals.ru.

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