The Gaucho Archetype in Latin American Literature and Vladimir Monomakh's Role in the Development of Ancient Russian Literature in the Journal "Language and Text"


The spring issue of the journal "Language and Text" (no. 1-2024) has been published. The issue opens with the rubric "General and Comparative Historical Linguistics", in which the authors consider a wide range of topics: Erich Fromm's philosophy in the context of advertising linguistics; Russian culture's originality and its historical development; etiquette formulas in the Avar language; analysis of Russian and foreign religious figures' messages; expression of the linguistic sense "feature of the object" in the military-engineering sphere.

In the rubric "World Literature. Textology" the gaucho archetype in Latin American culture, Vladimir Monomakh's role in the development of literature and statehood of Ancient Russia, as well as the evolution of the role of the library for preserving national languages are investigated.

The rubric "Linguodidactics and Innovations. Psychological Basis of Learning Languages and Cultures" is represented by the works devoted to the study of the US language policy in the field of foreign language teaching and the issue of implementing the principle of historicism in the process of teaching Russian at school.

The rubric also includes articles by authors that explore the issues of teachers' role in the process of autonomous language learning and teachers' participation in the development of students' speaking skills, as exemplified by Ethiopia.

The full issue of the journal is published on the portal of psychological publications
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