Natalia Nikolayevna Tolstykh

Member of editorial board of “Cultural-Historical Psychology” journal

Editor-in-chief, member of editorial council of “Social Psychology and Society” journal

Member of editorial board of “Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles Doctor of Psychology, Professor
Honorary degrees Honorable Worker of High Professional Education of Russian Federation, Labor Veteran. Government Awards: Laureate of the President of the Russian Federation in the Field of Education, Laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation in the Field of Education, Medal bestowed for the "Memorial for 850th Anniversary of Moscow". Professional Community Awards: Medal after «G.I. Chelpanov (second degree) "For Contributions in the Development of Psychological Science"
Occupation and current place of work Division Head of the Social psychology of development, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
E-mail address nnvt@list.ru
Scopus ID 25640468400
Website or personal webpage https://mgppu.ru/people/135/580
Main scientific publications
  1. Prikhozan, A.M., Tolstykh, N.N. (1990). Children with No Family. M. Pedagogika. 160 p.
  2. Prikhozan, A.M., Tolstykh, N.N. (2005). Orphanhood Psychology. Collective works., Piter. 400 p.
  3. Tolstykh, N.N. (2010). Chronotype: Culture and Ontogenesis. Moscow-Smolensk, Universum. 312 p.
  4. Makhnach A.V., Prikhozan, A.M., Tolstykh, N.N. (2013). Psychological Assessment of Candidates for Foster Parents. M., Publisher: Psychology Institute of RAS. 219 p.
  5. Tolstykh, N.N. (Ed, and Author) (2014/2017). Social Psychology Development. Textbook for Bachalout (BA, Undrgraduate) and Masters of Arts (MA, Graduates). M., Yurayt. 603 p.
  6. Orphanhood Psychology in Contemporary Russia. Psychology Aspect. (2015)./ Head Editor: Makhnach A.M., Prikhozan, A.M., and Tolstykh, N.N. M., Publisher: Psychology Institute of RAS. 670 p. (also the author of chapters).
  7. Prikhozan, A.M., Tolstykh, N.N. (2016). Psychology of Adolescence: Textbook and Practicum for Academic Undergraduate (BA). M., Yurayt. 406 p.
  8. Stepanova, V.V., Tolstykh, N.N. (2016). Interdisciplinary Links of Social of Social, Developmental and Educational Psychology: Development Resources. In: Social Psychology and Society. Book 7, Number 1. P. 23-44.
  9. Tolstykh, N.N., Uglanova, I. (2017). Adolescence: Identity and Subjectivity. Journal: Questions of Psychology, 2017, Number 1. P. 15-26 

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