Elena Valentinovna Filippova

Member of editorial board of “Psychological Science and Education” journal

Member of editorial board of “Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy” journal

Member of editorial board of “Journal of Modern Foreign Psychology” journal

Country, City Russia, Moscow
Academic degrees and titles PhD in Psychology, assistant professor
Occupation and current place of work Head of the Department of Child and Family Psychotherapy of the Faculty of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University
E-mail address Filippovaev@mgppu.ru
Scopus ID 8690793700
Website or personal webpage http://pk.mgppu.ru/about-faculty/prepodavateli/24-kafedra-detskoj-i-semejnoj-psikhoterapii/234-filippova-elena-valentinovna
Main scientific publications

"Features of mental development of children 6-7 years of age", (Coll.monograph), M., Pedagogy, 1988; Acceptance of the role and the transition from play to learning. "Psychological science and education", 1996 No. 3; formation of logical operations in six-year-old children, "Jean piaget: Theory, experiments, discussions", M., "Gardariki", 2001; the Image of the father and the image of himself in adolescents (age and gender aspects). (Et al. with E. V. Tumanova) "Psychological science and education" 2007, No. 2; a Look at the formation of the personal position of the student in the context of child-parent relations// (coauthor. with N. Yu. Plotnikova) "Psychological science and education", 2008, No. 4; Study of the game of preschool children with problems in communication. with T. V. Pivnenko) "Psychological science and education", 2010, No. 3; Features of the body image of children of preschool age, brought up without a father in different periods of childhood// (et al. with N. M. Gorshkova) "Psychological science and education", No. 3, 2013.

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