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Journal rubric: Problems of Cultural-Historical and Activity Psychology

Article type: scientific article

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17759/chp.2020160201

For citation: Plakitsi K., Rubtsova O.V. Editors’ Foreword. Kul'turno-istoricheskaya psikhologiya = Cultural-Historical Psychology, 2020. Vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 4. DOI: 10.17759/chp.2020160201.

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Over a century ago Lev Vygotsky founded a Theory that was later elaborated in the works of his disciples and became known as the Cultural-Historical Theory and Activity Approach. With the time, the Theory spread far beyond the boundaries of the country where it had originated, and started to be applied by scholars, coming from various theoretical backgrounds, and working in diverse areas of science. The special issue presents a collection of articles on the Cultural-Historical Theory and Activity Approach that highlight different elements of the sociocultural research field. In a sense, the articles offer an in-depth analysis of the Cultural-Historical Theory as the ground for dialogue and collaboration of researchers throughout the world. Within this frame, the special issue deals with the present state of the Cultural-Historical Theory and Activity Approach in psychology, discussing CHT as a “functional paradigm”, considering its linkages with clinical psychology, as well as with the educational policy and activism. The articles focus on such aspects as the urgency of agency, the social situation of development, mental development, expansive learning, and social transformation. The papers highlight challenging scientific issues, triggering further academic discussions and making a serious contribution to the socio-cultural field of research.

This special issue is dedicated to the memory of Elena Olegovna Smirnova — an outstanding Russian scholar, specialist in child psychology, Professor, Нead of the Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Expertise of Games and Toys, a winner of the Russian government award in the field of education for the cycle of works “The system of the upbringing and development of children from birth to seven years old”. She passed away on February 3, 2020.

Information About the Authors

Katerina Plakitsi, Professor in President of the International Society for Cultural-Historical and Activity Research, ISCAR, Professor Head of the Department of Early Childhood at the University of Ioannina, Greece, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8340-1322, e-mail: kplakits@gmail.com

Olga V. Rubtsova, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of "Age Psychology named after prof .L.F. Obukhova" of the Faculty of "Psychology of Education", Head of the "Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Modern Childhood", Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Moscow, Russia, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3902-1234, e-mail: ovrubsova@mail.ru



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