Psychological Science and Education

[Psikhologicheskaya nauka i obrazovanie]
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The scientific significance of the "Psychological Science and Education" journal lies in the reflection on its pages of the solutions of the professional community to research, the methodological and philosophical problems of modern psychology, pedagogy and education.

The practical significance of the journal is to provide psychologists, teachers, educational workers with relevant professional information of a methodological, theoretical and organizational nature in the field of age and educational psychology, psychology of professional development, psychology of family and child-parent relations.

The “Psychological Science and Education” journal sets itself timely goals that are in-demand in the professional community:

  • developing an evidence-based approach towards solving educational problems;
  • participation in the accumulation of professional experience and research achievements in the field of psychological and psychological pedagogical science and practice;
  • participation in the formation of an information environment that reflects the dynamic picture of the life of the professional psychological community;
  • participation in the creation of a unified international space for the development of psychological and pedagogical thought and practice.

Subjects of the Journal

According to the list of branches of science and groups of specializations of researchers in accordance with the range of specializations, the "Psychological Science and Education" journal publishes articles on the following topics (passports of scientific specializations):

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