Psychological Science and Education

[Psikhologicheskaya nauka i obrazovanie]
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"Psychological Science and Education" is a peer-reviewed journal published by Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. The journal publishes original high-quality papers that contribute the knowledge of research and practice of educational, family and age psychology. All papers published in the journal are completely peer-reviewed. The journal is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation for publishing doctoral research results; indexed in EBSCO as well as Russian scientific databases.

Psychological Science and Education realizes the importance of support of young researchers; it is published quarterly with the special fifth issue dedicated to the original works of postgraduate students. The journal is recommended for the individuals mastering the profession of a teacher or a school psychologist or raising their qualification. It promotes the norms and values of academic and practical psychological community and contributes to development of psychological science in Russia.

Psychological Science and Education publishes materials elaborating the concept of ‘New School”, projects and recommendations on development of psychological service in educational institutions, standards of higher education in psychology and other innovative models. 

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