The Magic Power of Fairy Tale: An Introduction into the World of Real Psychotherapy



This review provides a detailed analysis of the book Introduction to Fairy Tale Therapy, or Little Hut, Little Hut, Turn towards Me… by I.V. Vachkov that opens a series of works in the theory and practice of fairy tale therapy. The paper highlights the heuristic approach of the author to the issues of psychological specifics of fairy tale as a basic means in psy-chotherapeutical method of fairy tale therapy aiming to promote 'subjectness' in the devel¬oping personality. The paper also focuses on the theoretical and methodological grounds of fairy tale therapy, its techniques and algorithms, and on the colorful diversity of psycholog¬ical practices ¬ exercises, play and training techniques.

General Information

Journal rubric: Critique and Bibliography

Article type: review article

For citation: Kondratyev M.Y. The Magic Power of Fairy Tale: An Introduction into the World of Real Psychotherapy. Sotsial'naya psikhologiya i obshchestvo = Social Psychology and Society, 2014. Vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 145–149. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)


  1. Vachkov I.V. Vvedenie v skazkoterapiyu, ili Izbushka, izbushka, povernis' ko mne peredom… M.: Genezis, 2013. 288 s.

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Mikhail Y. Kondratyev, Doctor of Psychology, professor, Dean of the Faculty of Social Psychology (1998-2013), Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow, Russia



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