Model of Narrative Analysis of Personal Identity Style



Th is article represents the Model of Narrative analysis of Personal Identity Style framed, methodologically and theoretically, in a narrative-existential approach. Socio-cognitive mechanisms of identity construction by the Life Decisions processes are discussed. Th e coordination of the causal attribution cognitive schema and identity styles are analyzed. A narrative schema of autobiography is studied as the basic instrument of autobiographical reasoning, self-integration and identity construction. Empirically provided covariation between self-narrative structure of self-defi ning memories, typical narrative coherence of autobiography, and identity construction stratagems, positive re-interpretation and valuation of negative experience, the positioning of the Self as an Author of one’s life. Th e technique of Self-narrative schema coding (the ‘Golden Fish’ metaphor of coding system) in frame of this Model is presented for the fi rst time. Th e discursive context of modern identity phenomena such as Null Identity, Self-illusion and Existential Identity is disclosed.

General Information

Keywords: identity, Self-Narrative, autobiography, narrative schema, narrative coherence, identity style, identity construction, existential psychology, narrative psychology, self-illusion

Journal rubric: General Psychology, Personality Psychology, History of Psychology

Article type: scientific article

For citation: Zaitseva Y.E. Model of Narrative Analysis of Personal Identity Style. Vestnik of Saint Petersburg University. Psychology, 2016. no. 4, pp. 6–22. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)


Johnson M. The Narrative Context of Self and Action. Moral Imagination: Implications of Cognitive Science for Ethics. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1993, pp. 150–184.

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Yulia E. Zaitseva, PhD in Psychology, associate professor, St. Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia, e-mail:



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