Open Digital Environment: a Condition or a Factor in Personal Development?



The article examines the open digital environment as a condition and factor for personal development in the context of an environmental approach to education. In the course of achieving the goal, the phenomena of the digital environment and the developing educational environment are correlated, and the features of the developing qualities of the educational environment are determined through personal-environmental interaction. It is revealed that the activity of the environment as a personal development factor in education is not directly reduced to the degree of openness of the digital environment, since the developmental potential of the environment is not determined by the objectified superposition of the environment. The developmental qualities of the educational environment in the context of educational goals and objectives themselves are not reduced solely to the quality of openness of the digital environment, if it does not create in the student the need to interact with it, and subsequently, “in it.” Considering the dialectical relationship between the individual and the environment, the reasons why the conditions become active in relation to the development of the individual become development factors - situational and unstable, which requires research into their properties. An open digital environment, while serving as a significant stimulus for the formation of a personality-driven environment, is least amenable to control and dosage methods. Designing a developmental environment in education through an open digital environment requires the teacher to correctly select and implement digital content within the framework of educational relations that satisfies the conflicting requirements of the student’s personality development.

General Information

Keywords: educational environment, developmental education, open digital environment, personal development, conditions and factors of development

Publication rubric: New Opportunities and Risks of Communication in The Digital Environment

Article type: theses

Acknowledgements. The author thanks for the support of the research Doctor of Pedagogical N.V. Khodyakova.

For citation: Litvin D.V. Open Digital Environment: a Condition or a Factor in Personal Development?. Digital Humanities and Technology in Education (DHTE 2023),, pp. 505–512.

Information About the Authors

Dmitriy V. Litvin, PhD in Education, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of the Department of Organization of Fire and Physical Training, Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Moscow, Russia, ORCID:, e-mail:



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