The role of value orientation in the career building



The article defines the meaning of “career” and “value orientations” of person in sociological perspective. The author analyses the value’s impact on career that includes stagnation, recession. Also the author explains a nature of such events. The career changes are considered taking into account invariable formation of person, the dynamism of value orientation and elements of its structure. The author brings forward the two decisive roles of value orientations in career building.

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Ключевые слова: career, career way, value orientations, generating role, corrective role, recession, soulsearching

Рубрика издания: Социология и экономика

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Для цитаты: Рябкова Л. The role of value orientation in the career building // Социосфера. 2012. № 4. С. 113–114.

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The career development plays an important role in a life of each person, because the career is associated with marital status, social position and psychological activity. The career way trains a person to difficulties of choice. The career consists of the certain stages, requires decision-making and has the destination station. On each stage a person has to perform an established role. Including the principal social and psychological processes, the career is joined with the value orientations that define the vector of the career forming. In conditions of globalization, rapid growth of economy, technologies, the term “career” is associated with the career growth.


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