Employees' Subjectness Development in Target Projects: Social Psychological Fundamentals of Reflective Management



A reflective approach to management implies introducing both the 'psychological echo' factor into the decision making procedure (that is, taking into account other people's reactions on a decision) and the 'psychological mechanism' into the process of decision implementation (according to the monitored social well-being). The key issue in this process is for the organisational goal in its functional state to become a personal goal for the employee. The specified management task implies working carefully and consistently with the following types of people's consciousness: 'consciousness-content' (explaining the objective meaning of the task), 'consciousness -condition' (helping people realise what this task means to them personally), and 'consciousness-attitude' (assisting people in accepting the task). If the task and it underlying strategic goal are organisationally clear to the staff and accepted by each member, then a special disposition (subjective potential of activity) develops within the staff. It is at this very moment that the organisational and regulatory mechanism of reflective management goes off.

General Information

Keywords: target project, employees' subjectness, reflective approach, monitoring social well-being, regulatory mechanism of reflective management

Journal rubric: Theoretical Research

Article type: scientific article

For citation: Markin V.N. Employees' Subjectness Development in Target Projects: Social Psychological Fundamentals of Reflective Management. Sotsial'naya psikhologiya i obshchestvo = Social Psychology and Society, 2012. Vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 27–35. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)


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Information About the Authors

Vladimir N. Markin, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Social Psychology, Professor, Department of Management Psychology, Faculty of Social Psychology, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Moscow, Russia, e-mail: VNMarkin@yandex.ru



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