Analysis of the psychological characteristics of girls in the context of self-presentation of cross-gender in social networks



Self-presentation of personality through social networks implies the freedom to experiment with gender identity. Representing himself at his discretion, a person has the opportunity to try on patterns of behavior that he does not dare to do in real life. The article presents the results of empirical research. The aim of the study is to study the manifestation of the phenomenon of cross-gender in social networks among girls 18—25 years old. The study involved 157 girls: 75 people made up the experimental group, 82 people —the control group. Due to the quantitative analysis (the level of statistical significance in solving all research problems p≤0.01), the respondents from the control and experimental groups were compared using four methods, which allowed to point out the most vivid characteristics of the representatives of each group. Based on the data on T. Leary’s Method for Diagnosing Interpersonal Relationships (DME), the experimental group is divided into two subgroups: the first with prevalence of nonconformal tendencies, a tendency to conflict manifestations (68% of respondents), the second with the opposite style of interpersonal interaction (32% of respondents). The structure of the respondents, taking into account the severity of indicators by the method of “Sexual attitudes”, made it possible to get an idea about girls who have a male profile in social networks. In most cases, the group was homogeneous in sexual settings. An exception is the indicator of aggression towards a partner, in this case there is a division into subgroups with high rates (43% of respondents) and low (48% of respondents). The interrelation of high indices on this scale with the coefficient “Dominance” (DMO T. Liri) and low with the coefficient “Friendliness” (DMO T. Liri) is interesting.

General Information

Keywords: cross-gender; personality traits; interpersonal interaction; sexual attitudes

Journal rubric: Empirical Research

Article type: scientific article


For citation: Pervitskaya A.M. Analysis of the psychological characteristics of girls in the context of self-presentation of cross-gender in social networks. Sotsial'naya psikhologiya i obshchestvo = Social Psychology and Society, 2019. Vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 131–142. DOI: 10.17759/sps.2019100409. (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)



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Alyona M. Pervitskaya, PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor, Associate Professor at the Chair of Psychology, FGBOU VPO “Kurgan State University”, Moscow, Russia, e-mail:



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