Social Sciences and Childhood

[Sotsial’nye nauki i detstvo]


The journal "Social Sciences and Childhood" publishes scientific and practice-oriented articles in the social sciences on childhood issues.

Publisher: Moscow State University of Psychology and Education
Form of Distribution: online
Frequency: 4 times a year
 Published since 2020

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The journal "Social Sciences and Childhood" is an international scientific publication for psychologists, educators and all specialists in related fields of fundamental and applied "childhood science". Therefore, the target audience of the journal can be attributed to researchers engaged in research in the field of childhood, practitioners working with children of different categories and statuses, their families, teachers of the system of general, secondary and higher education, decision-making leaders of different levels, non-profit socially oriented organizations and foundations, students, and the parent community.

The goals of the journal are:

  • the consolidation of the intellectual forces of the scientific and professional community in our country and abroad around the task of studying the phenomena of childhood;
  • providing domestic and foreign psychologists and teachers with comprehensive professional information of a methodical, theoretical and methodological nature on the welfare of children, adolescents and young people;
  • providing practitioners with relevant and useful information about the possibilities of applying the evidence-based approach in the social, including educational, sphere, with technologies for scientific verification of their own practices;
  • facilitating cross-sectoral and international cooperation and intellectual exchange in the multidisciplinary field of childhood and the protection of children's rights.
  • creating a portrait of a modern child, finding out what worries and inspires him, targets for help and his opinion when making decisions, and what we, as specialists, can do for him and with him.

The journal is an important source of theoretical and practical information for specialists and citizens interested in childhood, covering a wide range of topics and areas in psychology, pedagogy, sociology, and law. The published materials are relevant, contain the results of research that "paints" a portrait of a modern child in different age periods, analyzes the conditions of his development, safety and well-being. Readers of the journal will be the first to learn about changes in government policy, draft laws, adopted programs and developed concepts that entail psychological, pedagogical, and social consequences for children and adolescents. The journal presents the results of monitoring studies at the federal and regional levels, as well as significant scientific Russian and international events.

The structure of the journal includes the following basic sections.


The section consolidates articles describing basic concepts, theories, and practices with proven effectiveness that have undergone scientific verification in the field of childhood psychology, and touches on research in related areas (support for specialists working in the field of protecting the rights and interests of children). Articles are published here on the history and general principles of psychological research in childhood, including methods, analytical and theoretical reviews, analysis of international research, analyzes of statistical data, and results of monitoring in the field of childhood. Special attention is paid to the problem of emotional intelligence, psychology of different ethnic groups and different faiths. The section helps readers understand the fundamental concepts (terminological field) and principles underlying the psychology of childhood.


The section contains research related to the psychological aspects of education and pedagogical practice. In this section, articles are published on issues of psychological support for students, primarily particularly vulnerable categories of children; analysis of problems and solutions in the field of education; study of educational needs of various categories of specialists in the field of child rights protection, including guardianship and guardianship authorities for minors, regional offices of commissioners for children's rights. There is a tradition of publishing research on the subjective well-being of schoolchildren (predictors of well-being in an educational institution, targets of psychological and pedagogical assistance), including correctional schools, small rural schools, nomadic schools, boarding schools for children of the peoples of the North, etc. The issues of adult education are discussed, including modular programs of additional education for joint training of interdepartmental and multidisciplinary teams.


The section is devoted to the study of interaction between people in social situations and contains articles on social processes, intergroup relations, and the influence of the social environment on the behavior of children and adults. Researches on the psychological aspects of social adaptation, including in a substitute family, institutional conditions; conflict resolution in educational institutions are published. One of the key areas is the research and practice of taking into account the opinions of children when making decisions affecting their interests, and the participation of children themselves in assessing their lives, subjective well–being, assistance and support provided to them (the so-called "voice of the child").


The section is devoted to the study of the peculiarities of the psychological development of children, adolescents, and youth in various age periods. Here are the results of research on risk factors and resilience of children; objective and subjective factors that promote or hinder their positive functioning, development and self-realization; typology of individual variants of mental development; problems of psychological health and well-being at different stages of life.


The section is devoted to the diverse aspects of child safety in the environment, including emergencies, regulatory support and support for children's well-being. Articles on the scientific substantiation of the grounds and criteria for restriction, deprivation of parental rights, taking a child away from his parents in case of an immediate threat to his life or health, risks to his safety and development; analysis of socio-psychological and psychological-pedagogical technologies for accompanying minors who have suffered from offenses, violence or abuse or who have witnessed such illegal actions; research in the field of psychology of safe behavior and activities of subjects of educational relations aimed at studying the psychological conditions for ensuring the protection of consciousness and psyche of subjects from risks and threats of the educational environment, the development of methods and technologies for the safe development of personality in an educational environment are published. Here you can also find research on the analysis of regulatory legal acts at the federal and regional levels related to the field of childhood.


The section is dedicated to scientific life, which is full of various events, including in the field of childhood. Reviews of scientific conferences, round tables, webinars; reviews of monographs, textbooks and manuals; dissertation research reviews; congratulations on anniversaries and significant events; discussion platforms are held on current issues in the field of psychology and childhood pedagogy are published here.

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