Professional Competence of Teachers of Natural Sciencesin the Context of Digitalization of Education



The article presents the results of a study of the theoretical-methodological and scientific-methodological foundations of the process of forming professional competencies of teachers of natural sciences in the context of digitalization of education and informatization of education. The methodological basis for solving the problem of the formation of professional competencies in the field of natural science knowledge is the competence-based and interdisciplinary approaches. In accordance with the purpose of the study, the didactic principles and organizational and pedagogical conditions for the formation of professional competencies of the specified category of teachers have been determined: activity and independence in learning, cooperation, individualization of learning, reliance on scientific and historical experience and knowledge of key experiments in the studied area, systematic teaching, context. learning, actualization and relevance of learning outcomes, electivity and reflectivity The main groups of professional competencies (universal social and personal, general professional, specialized) have been identified and their structure has been formed. A systematized list of professional competencies of teachers of natural science disciplines in the context of digitalization of education and informatization of education has been compiled.

General Information

Keywords: competence-based approach, natural science education, didactic principles, professional competence of a teacher.

Publication rubric: Digital Transformation and Online Education: Technologies, Tools & Models

Article type: scientific article

Funding. The study was carried out with the financial support of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus (SCNT) as part of the scientific project No. 20210649

For citation: Grigorieva O.N., Shuplyak V.I. Professional Competence of Teachers of Natural Sciencesin the Context of Digitalization of Education. Digital Humanities and Technology in Education (DHTE 2021): Collection of Articles of the II All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation. November 11-12, 2021 / V.V. Rubtsov, M.G. Sorokova, N.P. Radchikova (Eds). Moscow: Publishing house MSUPE, 2021., pp. 85–96.


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Information About the Authors

Olga N. Grigorieva, PhD in Education, associate professor, Associate Professor Head of the Department of Modern Natural Science, National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE), Minsk, Belarus, e-mail:

Vyacheslav I. Shuplyak, PhD in Physics and Matematics, Ph.D., candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor, Vice-rector for academic and educational affairs, National Institute for Higher Education, Minsk, Belarus, e-mail:



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