The Problem of Bulling in Schools Based on the Analysis of Posts on the Resource Pikabu



This article presents the result of the analysis of the problem of bullying at school through the analysis of posts on the Pikabu resource. An analysis of 100 posts on Pikabu related to the topic of bullying at school was conducted. As a result, it was revealed that 98% of posts describe the situation from the victims of bullying, 2% of posts belong to bullers. Boys are bullied in 52% of posts, girls – in 48%. Children from 5th to 9th grade are most susceptible to bullying. The most common type of bullying is verbal. 67% of posts are devoted to this type of bullying. Boys and girls are equally exposed to verbal bullying: girls were verbally bullied in 52% of posts, boys in 48%. Girls were subjected to psychological bullying in 68% of posts, boys were subjected to economic bullying in 68% of cases. Almost always, a student is subject to several types of bullying at the same time. In 24% of posts, the aggressor is the teacher. In other posts, students acted as the aggressor. Peers and classmates were aggressors in 57% of posts, older students in 16% of posts. In 57% of posts, a student is bullied for his appearance. The main consequences for children who have become victims of bullying at school: in 80% of posts – depression, psychological trauma, decreased self-esteem, in 80% of posts unwillingness to go to school or complete termination of studies, in 36% of posts – thoughts and suicide attempts, suicide. The consequences of bullying occur in conjunction with each other, and not individually. In 54% of the posts, parents took action after identifying the problem of bullying. Of these, in 69% of the posts, parents went to a conversation with the class teacher and wrote a statement addressed to the director, and in 19% immediately a statement to the police. 22% of parents transferred their child to another school. 20% gave the child to the sports section.

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Keywords: bullying, bullying at school, victim, Pikabu

Publication rubric: New Opportunities and Risks of Communication in The Digital Environment

Article type: theses

For citation: Afanasyev D.A. The Problem of Bulling in Schools Based on the Analysis of Posts on the Resource Pikabu. Digital Humanities and Technology in Education (DHTE 2023),, pp. 441–451.

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Dmitriy A. Afanasyev, 1st year student of Institute of Machinery, Materials and Transport, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, St.Petersburg, Russia, ORCID:, e-mail:



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