Developing inclusive higher education: the network approach


The implementation of the state policy in the field of education of persons with disabilities and persons with disabilities implies the possibility of obtaining a full-fledged higher education for this category of citizens, as well as the acquisition of such a specialty, which enables a person to become an equal member of society. For people with disabilities, higher professional education helps to overcome social isolation and economic dependence. Currently, the Russian Federation is working on targeted work towards the creation of an inclusive higher education in universities. Network interaction of resource training centers (RSMC) is an important component in ensuring the accessibility of vocational education for disabled and persons with disabilities.

The collection is intended for specialists of educational authorities and heads of inclusive educational organizations of the Russian Federation, specialists of the RMC, researchers in the field of education, University teachers implementing inclusive education, representatives of public organizations that solve the problems of education, socio-cultural rehabilitation and psychological and pedagogical support of students with disabilities.