Autism and Developmental Disorders

[Autizm i narusheniya razvitiya]


“Autism and developmental disorders” (Russia) publishes scientific and practice-oriented articles on educational, developmental, general, special, family aspects, psychological diagnostics and correction of ASD.

Published in the journal materials reflect the dynamic picture of professional community life, form rich information environment, creating the opportunity for representatives of different schools of thought to participate in creative dialogue.

The mission of the "Autism and Developmental Disorders" journal is: to form consolidated approaches towards the comprehensive support of children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders in the context of their needs, family requests, and current global trends in care based on scientific research and evidence-based practices.


To share the best practices in the field of integrated care for children with autism spectrum disorders.


To inform about the global trends in current research and practices in the field of autism.

To promote effective methods of working with individuals with ASD. To assist the development of the evidence base of modern methods for working with people with ASD.

The coverage of significant events related to the topic of autism.

Journal’s scope (according to the list of scientific branches):

  • 5.3.8. – Correctional Psychology and Defectology (Psychological Sciences).
  • 5.8.3. – Correctional Pedagogy (Deaf Pedagogy and Typhlopedagogy, Oligophrenopedagogy and Speech Therapy) (Pedagogical Sciences).