Digital Tools in Educational Robotics



This article presents an analysis of some existing digital tools that are used in the field of education in general and educational robotics in particular. Arguments are provided in favor of using these tools in lessons with the aim of not only improving the effectiveness of learning, but also gaining fundamentally new experience. The review of the tools is conducted taking into account their division by functionality. Special emphasis is placed on virtual laboratories and polygons, which provide the opportunity to practice programming and simulation of virtual robots and environments without limitations. Such platforms can also offer practical robotics experience for those who do not have the opportunity to conduct lessons with real physical robot models. In addition to textual analysis, the result of the work is a comparative table, which presents brief results of the research in the form of characteristics of digital tools specifically designed for educational robotics. It is assumed that this table will help teachers and enthusiasts in the field of educational robotics to choose suitable digital tools for themselves and use them to improve the efficiency of their activities and gain new unique experience.

General Information

Keywords: robotics, digital tools, educational platforms, education, collaboration, programming, STEM education

Publication rubric: Digital Transformation and Online Education: Technologies, Tools & Models

Article type: theses

Acknowledgements. The authors are grateful for assistance in data collection Patarakin E. D.

For citation: Loktikov D.Y. Digital Tools in Educational Robotics . Digital Humanities and Technology in Education (DHTE 2023),, pp. 125–153.

Information About the Authors

Dmitriy Y. Loktikov, second-year graduate student in the field of "Teaching Methods in Computer Science: Robotics, Modeling, Prototyping" , Moscow City Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russia, ORCID:, e-mail:



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