Fear and uncertainty: life in modern cities



The article discusses the phenomenon of industrialization, which led to profound changes in the structure of the material modern city

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Ключевые слова: urban development, industrial revolution, «urban fear», urban conflict, social divisions

Рубрика издания: Межкультурная коммуникация и проблемы глобализации: психо-, социо- и этнолингвистика

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Для цитаты: Colloca C., Коллока К. Fear and uncertainty: life in modern cities [Электронный ресурс] // Язык и текст. 2014. Том 1. № 2. С. 91–98. URL: https://psyjournals.ru/journals/langt/archive/2014_n2/69642 (дата обращения: 30.11.2023)

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The Greek pólis and the urban development related to Roman imperialism marked an indissoluble bond between social community and urban shape. The Greek city-state was an independent political entity, which had its own laws and institutions, as well as a defined and stable geographic area comprising the urban area along with the rural territory, the outskirts, and the suburban sanctuaries. The agorá/santuary binomy in the pólis reflected the bond between political and cultural relations, and defined the territory through a sacred element (Bearzot 2009).

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Colloca C.

Коллока Карло, кандидат наук, профессор, Университет Катании, Катанья, Италия



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