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Психология и право - №2 / 2016 | Перейти к описанию
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Психология и право

Издатель: Московский государственный психолого-педагогический университет

ISSN (online): 2222-5196

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17759/psylaw

Лицензия: CC BY-NC 4.0

Издается с 2010 года

Периодичность: 4 номера в год

Формат: сетевое издание

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Civil Litigation in the UK: сontemporary issues to ensure evidential reliability 1087


Кох Х.
доктор психологических наук, директор, Ассоциация экспертов "Hugh Koch Associates", Великобритания
e-mail: hugh@hughkochassociates.co.uk


The system for assessing appropriate damages for individuals who have suffered a personal injury, caused by another person or persons is well established in the UK. A claimant, for example, who has been in a road accident, work accident, medical accident or negligent action can make a claim for his/her physical and psychological injuries, time off work and future disability, provided it is proven that another person(s) is responsible. The system involves obtaining, medical-legal evidence on the diagnosis, causation, treatment and prognosis of any injuries, physical or psychological. One key aspect of this covers the crucial issue of evidential reliability. This paper explains the key questions facing lawyers and experts alike in the UK; fundamental postulates or beliefs about evidence; ways to improve reliability; the relevance of pre-event history and improving evidential reliability via Part 35 questioning. The UK, along with the USA, has the most advanced and developed system of personal injury litigation process.

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Evidential Reliability Post-CPR

Since the implementation of the UK-based Civil Procedure Rules in 1999, fifteen years have passed with the courts, lawyers and experts getting to grips with the various changes and their implications, and the aims to ensure access to justice which was just, fair, appropriate and effective.


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