15th Conference on Equity Studies



The 15th biennial conference of ISJR has been held from June 19-22, 2014, on the campus of New York University, USA. There were three major conference themes presented: (1) Economic inequality; (2) Law, justice, and social science; and (3) Progress, social stability, and change. To the clinical psychology and special education, researches on phenomena which accompany social justice-injustice (trauma, forgiveness, searching for spiritual resources, and tolerance) are the high value.

General Information

Keywords: justice, equality, trauma, forgiveness, resource

Journal rubric: Chronicle

Article type: scientific article

For citation: Nartova-Bochaver S.K. 15th Conference on Equity Studies [Elektronnyi resurs]. Klinicheskaia i spetsial'naia psikhologiia = Clinical Psychology and Special Education, 2014. Vol. 3, no. 2 (In Russ., аbstr. in Engl.)


  1. Nartova-Bochaver S.K., Astanina N.B. Psihologicheskie problemy spravedlivosti v zarubejnoi personologii: teorii i empiricheskie issledovaniya // Psihologicheskii jurnal. 2014. Tom 35. № 1.
  2. Nartova-Bochaver S.K., Podlipnyak M.B., Hohlova A.Yu. Vera v spravedlivyi mir i psihologicheskoe blagopoluchie u gluhih i slyshaschih podrostkov i vzroslyh [Elektronnyi resurs] // Klinicheskaya i special'naya psihologiya. 2013. № 3. URL : https://psyjournals.ru/psyclin/2013/n3/64003.shtml (Data obrascheniya 01.09.2014)
  3. Astanina N.B., Golubeva S.A. Vera v spravedlivyi mir i chuvstvitel'nost' k spravedlivosti u vzroslyh lyudei s glubokimi narusheniyami zreniya [Elektronnyi resurs] // Klinicheskaya i special'naya psihologiya. 2014. № 2. URL : https://psyjournals.ru/psyclin/2014/n2/HHHH.shtml (Data obrascheniya 01.09.2014)

Information About the Authors

Sofya K. Nartova-Bochaver, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Leading researcher, Department of Psychology, HSE University, Moscow, Russia, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8061-4154, e-mail: s-nartova@yandex.ru



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