Speech – Abolition (Dialectical Negation) of Some Abstractions



Regarding human speech and the associated mental processes, like thinking, it might seem at first as if enough knowledge has been accumulated by modern science. One might think that the main difficulty is to arrange this abundance. However, if we look deeper into the current arguments and issues of the involved sciences, like linguistics, psychology and philosophy of language, we find that no coherent understanding of speech can be established. This is due to the fact that these sciences in their paradigms either are not much related to each other, or – when they are related to some extent – use a similar reduction in trying to explain the problem of the central issue, namely "speaking". Therefore, certain basic questions are insolvable. This article shows that „coordination by speaking" is fundamental and can be seen as a starting point for further investigations of higher psychological processes.

General Information

Keywords: abstraction, activity, needs, thinking, functional approach, culture, ability to act, orientation of activity, language, linguistics, philosophy of language, social life, subjectivity, concepts, perception, Bruner, Davidson, Feuerbach, Gibson, Holzkamp, Hörmann, Kleist, Leontyev, Saussure, Spitz, Vygotsky

Article type: scientific article

For citation: Messing J. Speech – Abolition (Dialectical Negation) of Some Abstractions [Elektronnyi resurs]. Tätigkeitstheorie: E-Journal for Activity Theoretical Research in Germany, 2010. no. 1, pp. 51–66.

Information About the Authors

Jürgen Messing, Chiar of Applied Humanities, Psychology and Rehabilitation, Medical Nurses School (FB Angewandte Humanwissenschaften: Rehabilitationspsychologie gfp-Fachschulen für Pflegeberufe Berlin), Berlin, Germany, e-mail: messing@messing.in-berlin.de



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