Online Training as a Way of Diagnostics Assessment and Correcting Teachers' Intentions



Modern forms of online learning imply an activity approach that promotes participants and prevents disengagement. The online teachers training illustrated by the paper in regard to work with children's opinions provides an opportunity for active teacher’s participation in choosing strategies of behavior at key points of the lesson, their initial intentions’ diagnostics and possible future retraining organizer behavior. This format features are a) preliminary written recording of participants’ opinions on the possible options for further actions, b) opinions distribution analysis and subsequent discussion with different points of view justification for all key points of the discussed lesson. Initial written participants’ statements analysis shows that even teachers with extensive experience (including experienced with the D.B. Elkonin-V.V. Davydov system) do not always consciously and adequately make the choice of certain pedagogical decisions, do not distinguish the teacher's actions purposes at different lesson points. Indirect efficacy indicators of the described retraining organization may be the differentiations made by teachers during the training, the participants’ interest, progress self-assessment and further training requests formation.

General Information

Keywords: online-training, D.B. Elkonin-V.V. Davidov system, students’ opinion, activity approach

Publication rubric: Digital Transformation and Online Education: Technologies, Tools & Models

Article type: video

For citation: Chudinova E.V. Online Training as a Way of Diagnostics Assessment and Correcting Teachers' Intentions. Digital Humanities and Technology in Education (DHTE 2023),, pp. 252–263.

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Ellena V. Chudinova, PhD in Psychology, Leading Research, Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow, Russia, ORCID:, e-mail:



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