A Contemporary View of Anxiety, Depression and Suicidal Behavior is the Topic of the New Issue of the “Clinical Psychology and Special Education” Journal


The second issue of the “Clinical Psychology and Special Education” journal for 2023 has been published and is awaiting attentive readers.

The issue opens with the thematic section "Anxiety and depression: symptoms, predictors, consequences", which includes four interesting articles. A.A. Kukshina, A.V. Kotelnikova and colleagues present a study of the psychometric properties of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), recommended for general medical practitioners, on a sample of patients with impaired motor functions. A podcast (in Russian) about this article can be listened to here.

O.A. Sagalakova, D.V. Truevtsev et al. analyze the effect of social anxiety and shame in the development of voices: metacognitive processing of adverse relationship experiences and vigilance towards social threats. Colleagues from Turkey, E. Erol and M. Aitaç, investigate the features of the relationship between ontological well-being and paternal depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. V.A. Yakupova, M.A. Anikeeva, and A.D. Souarez present a theoretical review dedicated to postpartum posttraumatic stress disorder.

In the theoretical research section, there is a review by S.A. Govorov and E.M. Ivanova of the phenomenology and functions of suicide humor. A podcast (in Russian) about this article can be listened to here.

The empirical research section opens with an article by O.S. Deyneka and A.A. Maksimenko, in which the authors discuss what nurses think about the immunization campaign in Russia and about the prospects of the development of the pandemic caused by COVID-19. S.Y. Kuznetsova, A.Ya. Basova and colleagues focus on body image in adolescents with suicidal and non-suicidal self-harm behavior: the satisfaction with one's own body. E.V. Kuftyak, A.A. Bekhter et al. present the results of a cross-cultural study of predictors of proactive coping at the stage of early adulthood. E.V. Samsonova, Yu.A. Bystrova and V.V. Manuilova discuss the first results of monitoring the current state of inclusive educational environments in vocational educational organizations of secondary vocational education.

In the section of applied research, the authors from Turkey, S. Olcay and D. Saral, share their experience of the remote training of teachers in the "Power Cards" technique in the context of the formation of social skills in students with autism spectrum disorder.

The issue concludes with the "Chronicle" section, in which M.V. Zvereva, S.E. Strogova and A.I. Khromov discuss the key results of the "Third Polyakov Readings" anniversary conference.


We wish everyone an interesting and useful read!

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